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ppl complaining the word feminism is ‘gender-centric’ or that its not putting enough focus on men………l m a o. guess who the focus has been on since the beginning of time

Anonymous asked:

Can you prove that Jews are in control?








Who created Hollywood and for what purpose?

Do Jews Control the Media? - The LA Times Says Yes!

Jews are going to be the center of a multicultural Europe

Jews and pornography

Freud, Zionism, and Sexual Revolution

Jewish Professor Boasts of Jewish Pornography used as a Weapon Against Gentiles

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

hell yeah we run the world better fuckin watch out

Lmfao some people who follow me interact with this blog.

>whites are the superior race
>these fucking jews have been deceiving us for years

I never said they were superior. I don’t consider myself a white supremacist. What annoys me is that such a small group of people has so much control and is over represented in places like Europe and the USA.

OVER-REPRESENTED? How many Jewish people have run countries? How many Jews are in congress, parliaments, and political parties in general? List them. Like seriously, go ahead and list all the Jewish people who “have a lot of power” in Europe and the US. 

Give me a fucking break you stupid anti-semitic shit lump. If we had as much control as you think we did, the media wouldn’t be so anti-Israel, the United States wouldn’t be so deeply in debt, and you would have more than a few badly made youtube videos to prove your point.

Oh, and Colbie Caillat wouldn’t have a singing career because she sucks.

ok ohmy fucking god i checked the sources and they are dumb as fuck the last one is literally a crazy neonazi guy. and some of the others are one case examples. like how many christian religious people do you hear of doing terrible things?? many (but obviously it doesnt mean all are bad). i just…cant believe this is still a thing


if you are ASEXUAL, you do not experience SEXUAL ATTRACTION.

if you are AROMANTIC, you do not experience ROMANTIC ATTRACTION.



Nigeria Is Ebola-Free
“Two countries in Africa have now been declared free of the Ebola virus. On Friday, the World Health Organization announced that Senegal had completely contained the spread of the disease, and now on Monday Nigeria has joined them.”
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u ever like have a crush but its not a crush its not romantic ur just like “-looks into persons eyes- u….r my bro………….4ever……………..our broship will never die…………..ill fight 4 u in HELL we ride……………..ride………….ride on the roads of bro hell 2gether………………………………..”


tbh ive seen guitars and basses that are better looking than most of the guys at school


Check Out Foxygen’s …And Star Power
L.A. songwriting group, Foxygen, is back with their third LP and accompanying tour. Spanning a massive 24 tracks, ...And Star Power, is ‘weird af’, but in a super rad way. With a vibe that reminds me of Ziggy Stardust era Bowie, and tracks reminiscent to the Doors, this album has anything and everything for the experimental-pop lover. Apart from their music, Foxygen is renowned for their uncanny (to say the least) stage tendencies. Lead singer Sam France having the aura of an aggressive sprite, if that even makes sense. Foxygen is crazy, fun, and campy, seeing them live is definitely not something to miss. If you’re looking for an insane concert experience, or some super rad tunes, then check out Foxygen, it will definitely be worth your while.
Tour Dates

everytime it gets close to October i start reblogging the fuck out of this